Sortie de magento 1.6.2

janvier 12, 2012 Pas de Commentaires

À peine testé magento 1.7 en version alpha que la version 1.6.2 sort ! Petit changement notamment sur la gestion des index et paypal. Cette version est sortie pour corriger quelques bug de la version 1.6.1.

Voici la liste des bugs corrigés, c’est un bon moyen pour ceux qui ont fait la mise à jour (comme moi ) de voir s’ils ont les bug ou pas :)
liste complète ici


Fixed Automatic reindexing based on matched events doesn’t change “Status” and “Last Run” columns at process list grid
Fixed Bundle product totals are incorrect in Customization block
Fixed Product option title is absent in backend order page
Fixed SQL error on category view with enabled and configured FPT
Fixed Special price isn’t considered for bundle dynamic products in “Your Customization” block
Fixed Cannot place order with downloadable product and discount code using Paypal Express payment method
Fixed Payflow Link Express Checkout (« Pay with PayPal” button) payment
Fixed Char set encoding is out-of-date in Settlement reports
Fixed Settlement reports can not be downloaded if in merchant’s account “Settlement file” is set to 6.0 version
Fixed Updates for Payflow Link texts
Fixed Impossible to place Order using “Pay with PayPal” button from Payflow Link iframe, when Payment Action is Sale
Fixed Remove hint about $1 authorization amount from informational message text (Payflow Link configuration)
Fixed Missing column “position” at table catalog_category_anc_products_index_tmp
Fixed Translation with single quotes breaks JS
Fixed Two-step password reset
Fixed Unable to change root category for the store
Fixed Exception while products mass update attributes in backend


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